Poetry Collections
Artist's Books
"Bears" Book Box Cover (Reliquary)
"Deep Death Medicine Flashes" page of "Bears" Book
"Coming There" page of "Bears" Artist's Book
Three deer page from "Bears" Book
Crying page from "Bears" Book
"See Them" page from "Bears Book
"Night" Flexagon by bertha Rogers
"Platte Clove" flag book by Bertha Rogeres
"August" (cover), Flag book, paper, gold leaf, ink
Top: Summer I, Summer II; Bottom: For the Girl Buried in the Peat Bog
"Whales" accordion book by Bertha Rogers
"Birch Words" (closed), Artist's Book/box, handmade paper, birch bark, leaves, ink, gold leaf, paperboard
"Birch Words" (open), Artist's Book/box (see "Birch Words" closed)
"Preservation" artist's book/box by Bertha Rogers
"Preservation" Artist's Book/Box by Bertha Rogers (open)
"Even the Hemlock" Reliquary by Bertha Rogers
"To a Tree-Singer" (open), Artist's book/box, handmade paper, birch, vellum